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Signing Out of XPunch Using Google Personal Account



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    Jamie Bridge


              I apologize for my delayed response. I just discovered that I wasn't "following" this forum and so, I didn't see your post.

              I'd like to start off just by clarifying how XPunch behaves at the time of this writing when multiple users are using the same device, under the same Windows session (Windows log on account). Unlike a native Google app (an app made by Google), users that log in to XPunch with their Google Personal accounts are logged off XPunch independent from any other Google tabs that might be open. When they log out of XPunch, they're only logged out of XPunch and not out of Google. The inverse is also true. Users that log out of Google will remain logged in to XPunch. We have no choice in this for the time being for a variety of technical reasons (unrelated to us).

              This means that the product is not perfect when it comes to having a standalone computer somewhere that's left logged in to the same Windows account all day long for users to punch in and out of: what's needed is a "punch clock" app for this (more on this later). At some future point (far into the future), Google and Microsoft may open up other features to developers that will deal with this situation more elegantly.

             For the time being, there are two ways to counter the scenario you describe:

    1. If a communal computer that's left logged-in to the same Windows account must absolutely be used, users should log-in while in the browser's private browsing mode ("Incognito mode" in the case of Chrome). After the user's punch operations are complete, don't even log out of XPunch--simply close the private browser; or
    2. The problem is also automatically solved by simply not having a common Windows account that everyone uses.

             Earlier in this message I mentioned that the "true" solution for businesses that want to use a communal device is a "punch clock" app. This is indeed on our planning charts. The XPunch punch clock app will allow users to quickly punch in and out using a PIN or other identification (facial, retina, fingerprint, on devices that allow for this), at the business' discretion from a single device.

              Lastly, thank you for taking the time out to write us. Keep those comments coming! We will constantly be tweaking the product so that it fits the majority of our users' expectations.

    Kind regards,

    Jamie Bridge
    XPunch Customer Services

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