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    Jamie Bridge


              I apologize for my delayed response. I just discovered that I wasn't "following" this forum and so, I didn't see your post.

              Just to provide a resum√© to confirm that I understand everything, there are actually two irritants for you:

    1. You'd like to see the current number of hours/minutes that have accrued for a current punch; and
    2. You'd like to see totals for the day's (and week's) punches.

              For the first point, we are indeed looking at providing more information (data) in all of the punches. In our version 1.0, we greatly diminished the information that is displayed from the beta version because we wanted to have a "clean" look. We didn't want to provide a lot of detail because there isn't a lot of free space in the punch interface to show details without things looking crammed. In the 1.0, full details about any given punch can be obtained by "clicking" on it. From what I understand, you would rather be able to just "hover" over the punch. This does present the development team with a bit of a dilemma because the product is something called a "mobile first" product and mobile users cannot "hover." For this reason, we're currently investigating exactly how we can get more information to you without having to "click" (or "hover," for that matter) on the punch.

              For the second point, totals are indeed already in the product: you must scroll to see them. I understand that scrolling might be an irritant and so we're going to investigate ways of nicely displaying these totals on the interface that are visible at all times without having to scroll.

              Lastly, thank you for taking the time out to write us. Keep that feedback coming! We will constantly be tweaking the product so that it fits the majority of our users' expectations.

    Kind regards,

    Jamie Bridge
    XPunch Customer Services

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