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Printing Reports


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    Jamie Bridge


              I apologize for my delayed response. I just discovered that I wasn't "following" this forum and so, I didn't see your post.

              I hear you. I myself am an XPunch power user and I too miss this feature!

             It is feasible that we put an option in the reporting dialogues that allow people to choose whether they wish to download or email their reports. As an aside, I'd like to mention that we've received positive feedback about the emailing feature as a long-awaited feature by some people: they love the ability to email their reports directly to their supervisor.

             Readers, please upvote this post to demonstrate your interest in have an immediate download for reports option restored to the release version of XPunch.

              Lastly, thank you for taking the time out to write us. Please keep the feedback coming! We will constantly be adjusting the product so that it fits the majority of our users' expectations.

    Kind regards,

    Jamie Bridge
    XPunch Customer Services

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